Brides for Bachelors

"Brides for Bachelors" is available in Poland. First off is "The Major Meets His Match"


"Brides for Bachelors" will soon be available in the Czech Republic. First off is "The Major Meets His Match".


All three books in the miniseries "Brides for Bachelors" are now available in Sweden.


The first of my Brides For Bachelors mini series, "The Major Meets His Match" is FREE from all etailers in the UK until January 6th!

Look out for more offers on next books in the series!

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…eligible rakes walk down the aisle!

A friendship formed at Eton leads three bachelors through the trials of war, mystery, and love!

A major, a marquess and a captain reunite in London to celebrate Britain’s peace with France only to find society life has many more exciting things in store for them! While they are thrown into a mystery of jewellery theft and fraud, they all find themselves unlikely suitors to some of the ton’s most captivating ladies.

Will these eligible bachelors finally meet their matches?

Release dates:
"The Major Meets His Match" released September 2017. Purchase from Amazon UK, US and Mills & Boon Australia.
"The Marquess Tames His Bride" released January 2018. Available for pre-order from Amazon UK, and US

"The Captain Claims His Lady", August 2018 available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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Welcome to the first of the Brides for Bachelors trilogy.

I’m really excited about this trilogy, as it’s the first time I’ve written a series of stories, with connecting heroes, on purpose! I often get heroes or heroines from one story to walk across the pages of another, just for fun. And sometimes a secondary character from one story has taken root in my imagination, and grown until I’ve had to give them their own story. But when I pitched the outline for “The Major Meets His Match”, and described the opening scene, my lovely editor at the time pointed out that the men involved in that event probably all had stories of their own to tell, and why didn’t I think about writing a linked series from the outset?

The minute she suggested this it was as if a light bulb went off in my head. I had already had a few wispy tendrils of thoughts about back stories for these heroes, and had wondered whether to follow them up, one day. But the suggestion of planning linking stories for them, from the outset, made so much sense I couldn’t wait to start writing them.

I do hope you enjoy this first in the mini-series as much as I enjoyed writing it, and will want to find out what happens to Major Jack Hesketh’s friends next.

PS – if you are already one of the group of readers who enjoy spotting heroes from my other stories wandering across the pages of books that aren’t theirs, then I hope you enjoy the cameo role I gave the hero of my very first publication from Harlequin Mills & Boon…and have a little giggle at Aunt Susan’s predictions about the kind of bride he is likely to marry.

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Book 2 of the Brides For Bachelors mini series will have a different look in the US, the UK, and Australia, though it will be available to purchase in paperback or ebook format.

He’s just announced their betrothal – now there’s no going back!

The Marquess of Rawcliffe has always found his feisty childhood friend Clare Cottam enthralling. Forbidden by her strict father to pursue a relationship, he’s kept his distance. But the couple is embroiled in a heated argument that puts Clare’s reputation in danger, and Rawcliffe is forced to declare her his fiancée! It will be his pleasure to tame his independent, innocent bride…

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At last – the final instalment of the Brides for Bachelors miniseries is available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The heroine, shy Lizzie Hutton knows her height and clumsiness alone make her a debutante to avoid. Until she meets tall, strong and striking Captain Harry Bretherton, who takes a surprising interest in her! Their intense chemistry makes him hard to resist—if only it weren’t for the secrecy around his past…

Exciting news!

The whole series is also going to be available for my readers in Italy, Norway and Sweden. I have already seen this gorgeous cover that my Italian publishers have created for "The Major Meets His Match", which came out in January. "The Marquess Tames His Bride" will be out in June 2018.

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Release date for the first in series, "The Major Meets His Match", in Norway and Sweden is December 2018.

The series is about to be released in Japan!

First up, "The Major Meets His Match", and then in February 2019, "The Marquess Tames His Bride" will become the 200th title for the HQ Historical special series.

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