The following story is not typical of my published work - but when I was archiving my News page, I remembered how many people commented on how much they enjoyed it. So I thought I'd put it up here, complete with pictures, because the story just wouldn't work without them...

The Invasion of the Abominable Snowmen

My home town has been invaded by alien beings. They are everywhere. At first, the young men hereabouts armed themselves and fought back... snow1

But it was no use. They simply absorbed the ammunition and used it to strengthen themselves. Soon they were taking on human form... snow2

At first they tried to blend in by adopting camouflage. snow3

Others were brazen enough to steal ornamentation from our recent festivities, to make themselves look more human. snow4

Once they had found themselves mates, they began to produce families. snow5

And then they knew there was nothing to stop them from taking over our planet. They took their ease on the street corners. snow6

And toasted their victory with earthmens brew. snow7

Their leaders have grown so large that there was nothing for us earthlings to do but to pay them homage... snow8

Only a miracle can save us now...