"How to catch a Viscount" is now available in Italy.

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"A Marquis, a Miss and a Mystery" is now available in Czechoslovakia.

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"Cinderella’s perfect Christmas" is now available in Germany.

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"His Wicked Chriatmas Wager" is now available in Germany.

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"My Lady Innocent " is now available in Norway.

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The Countess’s Forgotten Marriage

Available for pre-order from Amazon in the UK and US and will be out in February 2024!

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An emotional Regency reunion.

Her memory has returned.

And she’s the Countess of Epping!

Mary has arrived home, after months away, following a traumatic encounter with a highwayman that wiped her memory. Back in her grand house, her aloof—but distractingly handsome—husband, Anthony, is wary, suspecting her of the worst! But how can she explain that she’d become brave and wily to survive? She’ll need those skills if she’s to win back her earl’s trust, and if they’re to resume as man and wife once more…