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"A Duke in Need of a Wife" is available in Italy.

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"The Marquess Tames His Bride " is available in Japan.

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"The Major Meets His Match" is available in Poland.

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"A Countess by Christmas" is available in comic form.

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"The Major Meets His Match " is available in Czechoslovakia.

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"The Captain Claims his Lady" is out in Sweden.

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The first two of my Brides for Bachelors mini series are available in Sweden.


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My 29th book for Harlequin Mills & Boon has just been accepted, and given the title:

"The Scandal of The Season"

Miss Cassandra Furnival forfeited her London Season when she made a Fatal Error with a handsome young soldier. But now her godmother has promised to clear her name, and launch her into the very highest society!

Just one person stands in her way – Colonel Lord Fairfax, who prevented her elopement six years earlier, and is now determined to prevent her from getting her clutches into another helpless young man…

But how can he resist such a beautiful, alluring young woman?

Release Date in the US, UK and Australia: February 2020.