"Cinderella’s perfect Christmas" is now available in Germany.

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"His Wicked Chriatmas Wager" is now available in Germany.

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"My Lady Innocent " is now available in Norway.

mli norway

"A Scandal at Midnight " is now available in Italy.

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"His Accidental Countess " is now available in Italy.

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How to Catch a Viscount

My 33rd book now has a title, and, because it contains characters linked to A Scandal at Midnight, it is now known as the 2nd of the Patterdale Siblings mini series.

It is going to be available in UK, US and Aus in May 2022.

Here’s a sneak preview of the North American edition’s cover:

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Well, this is how book 33 will start, with James riding over the estate, comparing his own stale, boring life with the unproductive land he sees all around.

And then he comes across a young lady, weeping under an oak tree. (And some of you will remember Miss Fairfax and her shocking behaviour from A Scandal at Midnight as well)

James is smitten, instantly, but because he has always been a target for fortune hunters, he hesitates about admitting that he is not merely a steward, as Miss Fairfax assumes, but the wealthy heir to an earldom. But the better he gets to know her, and the more he admires her, the harder it becomes to admit that he has not been totally honest with her.

While Miss Fairfax (as readers of A Scandal at Midnight will already know) has secrets of her own…

Official blurb:

A sparky mistaken-identity Regency romance!

Her plan to marry well…

Has backfired spectacularly!

Miss Betsy Fairfax must marry to save her family from financial ruin. Only, her mother’s overzealous efforts to find kindhearted Betsy a suitable match have made her society’s most undesirable debutante! She’s ready to give up and become a paid companion, when she shares a spine-tingling kiss with James, a charming steward. Hardly the way to catch a viscount, unless he’s not entirely whom he seems…

Breaking news! I have just started writing a novella which will appear in an anthology for Christmas 2022, entitled "Invitation to a Wedding!". It will contain three stories, each set during a Regency Christmas House party.