Waterloo Brides

In 1815, allied forces met near a small village in Belgium, called Waterloo, to make a final stand against the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and his loyal followers.

To mark the bi-centenary of the battle of Waterloo, Sarah Mallory, Louise Allen and I have written a trilogy of love stories featuring officers in a fictional artillery regiment, known as Randall's Rogues.

All three books in this series have been awarded 4* "hot" reviews from RT!


From February 28th (which was the date Bonaparte escaped from Elba, and began his 100 days struggle to reclaim his empire), you will be able to follow Colonel Randall, Major Bartlett, and Major Flint on twitter.

And you'll find the authors posting about the background research, and sharing other news about the series, on facebook.


Please keep checking back - I'll be updating this page when there's any news about the Waterloo Brides.

The Series is now available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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The Waterloo Brides are now available in Italy.

italian brides of waterloo

Great news for UK readers! The first two in the series are now reduced in price. You can get A Lady for Lord Randall from 99p and A Mistress for Major Bartlett from £1.89 .

And now A Rose for Major Flint available at £2.99

Author Sarah Mallory has just returned from Belgium, where she went to see the re-enactment of part of the Battle of Waterloo. You can read her account of this trip at her blog.

There are also many stunning pictures of the re-enactment here.

A Rose for Major Flint


Louise Allen's stunning finale to the trilogy is available from Amazon, Mills & Boon, and itunes.

"I fight dirty, I kill for a living and I'm not capable of being faithful"

Is it any wonder cataromance gave Major Flint a 5* review!

"...Louise Allen’s name on a book jacket is a surefire guarantee of historical romance brilliance and A Rose for Major Flint is an outstanding addition to this talented author’s extraordinary back catalogue. Written with all the flair, panache and historical veracity which have become this multi award-winning writer’s trademarks, A Rose for Major Flint is a dazzling tale of sin, scandal and seduction that has got it all: spellbinding characters, mesmerizing historical details, powerful emotion, red-hot passion and poignant romance..."

A Mistress for Major Bartlett


My contribution to the series is available now, from Amazon, Harlequin, Mills & Boon and itunes.

By following the Mills & Boon link, you can also read the opening chapter! Just click on the little pink tab at the bottom of the cover, where it says "take a look".

RT has given the book another 4* "hot" review, which is a stunning endorsement for our series.

" Burrows continues the Brides of Waterloo mini series with a passionate and emotional tale readers will love. Burrows' instalment is focussed on a spoiled miss and a rakish soldier. There is a vast gulf between them - socially and emotionally - but it's nothing that love can't conquer."
Maria Ferrer.

For full review click here

The Library Journal has this to say about 'A Mistress for Major Bartlett':

“A notorious but honorable rake and a proud, sometimes reckless heroine flout convention and find unlikely love in a story that doesn’t gloss over the heartbreaking brutality of war.”

More information here.

A lovely review from Romantic Historical Reviews:

...an enjoyable, well-told story...one I’d certainly recommend to anyone who likes their historical romance to be sprinkled liberally with actual history!

And another lovely review from Cataromance, who awarded it another 4*

The cover (which I absolutely love) is up for an award from Cover Cafe.

A Lady for Lord Randall


The first story, "A Lady for Lord Randall" by Sarah Mallory, is available now from Mills & Boon, and Harlequin.

By clicking on either of these links, you can enjoy a sneak preview of the opening of Sarah's moving adventure story, by using the "look inside" feature on the cover image.

Sarah's book is also available for pre-order from Amazon .com and AmazonUK

RT has given Sarah's book a 4* "hot" review:

"Brides of Waterloo is a new miniseries by three leading authors: Mallory, Annie Burrows and Louise Allen. This first book is passionate, moving and a positive gem. From the drawing rooms of London to the battlefield of Waterloo, a radical schoolmistress and a cynical military colonel will clash – and fall in love."

Maria Ferrer.

For full review click here

Stunning review from Cataromance for first in series, "Lady for Lord Randall".

As an extra treat for our readers, Sarah has written a little "prequel" which she has posted on her blogsite. So if you'd like to know a little more about Randall, and his family, and the infamous Randall's Rogues, then you're sure to enjoy this bonus material.

Louise Allen is posting every Thursday about "what happened this week in 1815" - while Napoleon was plotting his comeback!

Week 1 The Emperor Escapes
Week 2 Londoners riot and the news arrives
Week 3 The French King dithers, Princess Charlotte sniffles
Week 4 Napoleon arrives in Paris and the London Exchanges shiver
Week 5 The Allied troops gather, while Mrs Bell corsets the corpulent.
Week 6 The Belgians Undergo the Most Lively Sensations
Week 7 The Allied Sovereigns Snub Napoleon and Mr Barton Wallop goes to a Ball
Week 8 The tricolor floats throughout the Empire - and is Lady Roseberry to be turned naked into the streets?
Week 9 Mrs Wilmot flops at Drury Lane, l'Orient Blows up at Sadler's Wells and Paris is flooded by arms.
Week 10 Napoleon is in a fog, an Infamous Army waits and Brussels swarms with spies.
Week 11: Voter Apathy hits Napoleon, London debates Marrying Actresses and Spring Bonnets Are in the News.
Week 12: Income Tax is Here to Stay, a Famous Dipper Dies and Napoleon Digs In.
Week 13: War Is Declared at Last, the Prince Regent Builds and the Mob Protests.
Week 14: Napoleon Presents Eagles, Haymaking begins & the Cavalry passes in Review.
Week 15 Napoleon Swears an Oath, Wellington is Laid Back and London Boycotts French Bonnets.
Week 16 The Young Men frolic, Napoleon Invades, the Duchess Holds her Ball - the conflict begins.
Week 17 The battle is Fought, The Tourists Arrive, Napoleon flees, The Regent Weeps.
Week 18 The End for Napoleon, London Parties, The Country Celebrates.

Louise Allen's contribution to the series, 'A Rose for Major Flint', has also been awarded a 4* "hot" review from RT:

"Allen pens the last book in the Brides of Waterloo trilogy. It's a delightful, well-written and engaging romance about a rascal who rescues a damsel in distress only to lose his heart."

The Library Journal has this to say about 'A Rose for Major Flint':

“A tender, well-written story that brings a loyal, baseborn officer and a gently bred heroine together in a satisfying romance that nicely ties up the series.”

And Sarah Mallory blogged about some research we needed to do, to get our wounded officers off the battlefield. Scroll down until you reach the post entitled, Flying Ambulances and German Sausages.