His Cinderella bride (2007)
My Lady innocent (2007)
Captain Fawley's innocent bride (2008)
The Earl's untouched bride (2009)
Devilish Lord, mysterious miss (2009)
A Countess by Christmas (2010)
Captain Corcoran's Hoyden bride (2011)
An Escapade and an engagement (2012)
Never Trust a rake (2013)
Reforming the viscount (2013)
Portrait of a scandal (2014)
Lord Havelock's list (2014)
A Mistress for Major Bartlett (2015)
The Captain's Christmas Bride (2015)
In Bed with the Duke (2016)
The Debutante’s Daring Proposal (2017)
The Major Meets His Match (2017)
The Marquess Tames His Bride (2018)
The Captain Claims His Lady (2018)
A Duke in need of a wife (2019)


Regency Innocents (2011)- available in the UK and Australia.
A Scandalous Regency Christmas (2013)- available UK and Australia.
Regency Yuletide (2013) - available in Australia.
Courtship in the Regency Ballroom (2014)- available in the UK
Regency proposals (2015) - available in Australia
Bestselling authors collection - available in Australia
Beyond Her Innocent Facade (2016) - available in Australia.
Regency Rumour (2016) - available in UK.
High Society Matrimony (2017) - available in Australia.
Regency Tidings (2018) - available in Australia.
Rebellious Debutantes, (2019) available in UK
Outrageous Scandal (2019) available in UK

Series Contributions

The Viscount and the Virgin (2010) Book 5 of "Regency Silk and Scandal"
A Mistress for Major Bartlett (2015) Book 2 of "Waterloo Brides" trilogy


The Rake's Secret Son (2008)
From Governess to Christmas Bride (2011)
Cinderella’s Perfect Christmas (2016)

Short Stories

Notorious Lord, Compromised Miss (2008)
His Wicked Christmas Wager (2012)

Large Print

A Mistress for major Bartlett (2015)
The Captain's Christmas Bride (2016)


The Earl's Untouched Bride (2009)
An Escapade and An Engagement (2012)
Reforming the viscount (2013)

Harlequin Comics

The Rake's Secret Son (2014)
Captain Corcoran’s Hoyden Bride (2017)
Devisish Lord, Mysterious Miss (2018)
A Countess By Christmas (2019)