Captain Corcorran's Hoyden Bride

First published in the UK April 2011. Shortlisted for the 2011 British Festival of Romance "Best Historical Read"

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Governess wanted...

Miss Aimee Peters desperately craves respectability: after her father scandalously auctions off her virginity, she flees London to become a governess in remote Yorkshire. She's horrified to discover her new employer, the piratical Captain Corcoran, never sought a governess - he wants a bride!

To be Captain's First Mate!

Aimee's unadorned charm makes Captain Corcoran forget the true reason he married her. Then he discovers the fortune stitched into Aimee's bodice - what secrets does his new wife hide behind her oh, so innocent facade?

Cataromance awarded this book 4 and a half stars, saying:

"Skillfully intertwining wicked wit and delicious humour with heartwarming pathos and nail-biting drama, Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride is a terrific Regency tale fans of historical romance are sure to love. Funny, tender, suspenseful and wonderfuly romantic, it's impossible not to love feisty Aimee, the charismatic Captain Corcoran and the eccentric cast of supporting characters that people this first-class Regency romance!"

Rakehell Review:...

...I'm glad I read it because I adored this book! From the moment our very scarred hero meets our emotionally abused heroine I couldn't stop turning pages and spent a sleepless night finishing it...

Bottom Line A must read for Regency fans who like their heroes scarred and their stories tightly paced.

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Now available as a Harlequin comic:"Captain Corcoran’s Hoyden Bride"

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