Cinderella’s Perfect Christmas

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A novella which appeared in the anthology, "Once Upon a Regency Christmas"

Shy Alice Waverly’s kiss with Captain Jack Grayling makes her wonder if he—and his little children—could be the Christmas miracle of which she’s always dreamed…
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RT gives it a 3* review:

“These three charming, desire-in-disguise holiday stories are designed to lighten reader’s burdens during the hectic seas"

Bookish Jottings also rates it highly:

“Written with plenty of flair, sensitivity and style, Once Upon a Regency Christmas is a must-have anthology every historical romance reader should have on her keeper shelf.”

The anthology also contains “On a Winter’s Eve” by Louise Allen.

Snowbound together, Lady Julia Chalcott and Captain Giles Markham try to fight temptation. But as Christmas draws closer their attraction proves too strong to resist!
And “Marriage Made at Christmas” by Sophia James.
Christine Howard's frozen heart melts as she gets to know her new bodyguard. How can a man so scarred and mysterious make her feel so safe…?