Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss

Now available as a harlequin comic, with this fabulous cover!

dlmm harl comic

First published in UK, September 2009

book cover

Is she his lost love?

With his dark, haunted eyes and forbidding expression, the menacing Lord Matthison has the reputation of the devil. Living on the fringes of polite society, he has still to get over the death of his one true love seven years ago. But Cora Montague's body has never been found...

So when he encounters a fragile-looking woman, the image of his betrothed, working in a London dressmakers, Matthison is convinced Cora is still alive. And he will do whatever it takes to reclaim her!

Cataromance awarded it four and a half stars:

"...Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss is a fantastic Gothic historical romance rich in passion, atmosphere, intrigue and suspense which will brighten up the cold autumn nights. Annie Burrows continues to prove to be one of the most exciting new writers of historical romantic fiction and Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss cements her position as a writer of extraordinary scope whose books never fail to dazzle, enthrall and seduce romance readers..."