The Earl's Untouched Bride

In April 2008 my third published story, The Earl's Untouched Bride, first appeared in an anthology in the UK, brought out to showcase new writers for the Mills & Boon publishing house. It also contained a modern (presents) story by Annie West - The Billionairs's Bought Mistress - and a Medical romance - An Italian Affair - by Margaret McDonagh

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Fearing a forced betrothal with a man known for his cruelty, Heloise Bergeron throws herself on the mercy of Charles Fawley, Earl of Walton. He believes himself attracted to her younger, beautiful sister, so what is he doing entertaining thoughts of marriage to the plain, quiet Heloise? But marry her he does...

Cataromance reviewer says:

"Annie Burrows is an exceptional writer of historical romance who sprinkles her stories with unforgettable characters, terrific period detail, and wicked repartee..."

The Romantic Times gave it four stars, saying:

"Burrows cleverly creates winning situations and attractive characters in this amusing romance. A desperate bride, a hostile husband and an outrageous proposal will win your attention."

Pink Heart Society reviewer says:

"If you like Regency romances, you will absolutely love Annie Burrows' spellbinding tale of passion, adventure, and emotion..."

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