Lord Havelock's list

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My 18th book, "Lord Havelock's List" will be released in the USA , the UK and Australia in September 2014. Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon.


You may remember the hero, Lord Havelock, from my Christmas Novella, Governess to Christmas Bride. His quest for a wife-in-a-hurry so startled his friends that one of them, Lord Chepstow, left London rather than get tangled up with marriage-minded women (only to fall headlong for a lifelong friend he meets at a Christmas house party!) Lord Chepstow did help Lord Havelock write his ideas about what would make an ideal bride, in a list. A list which helped Lord Chepstow to make up his mind about what makes an ideal wife, but which is proving something of a challenge for Lord Havelock himself.

Be careful what you wish for:

Lord Havelock is in need of a wife. But with no time for a society wedding and no stomach for girlish fripperies, his options are limited. So with help from his friends, he draws up a list of qualities he does desire in a wife...

When orphaned Mary Carpenter discovers her handsome new husband's list, she's hurt-and incensed. If he thinks she'll sit meekly by, be "compliant" and "a mouse," he's got another think coming! Is it perhaps time for Mary to make a list of her own, and change the rules of their relationship forever...?