Reforming the Viscount

Viscount Rothersthorpe can't tear his eyes from Lydia Morgan any more than he can calm the raging fury coursing through his veins. Is there no end to the irony? Come to town to find a wife, only to be taunted by the past?

Furtive glances across the ballroom are not helping to ease Lydia's state of shock - the man who once uttered a marriage proposal as one might remark upon the weather has returned. But when he stuns her with a second, outrageous but now wickedly delicious proposal, it is clear that despite the rumours the rake from her past has not reformed.

Romantic Times gave this book 3 stars, rating it "hot"

"With several touching moments and significant themes of a second chance at love, the strength of family bonds and dealing with physical challenges, Burrows’ novel reaches out to readers on many emotional levels."

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