The Debutant's Daring Proposal

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This book is the last of the series "Regency Bachelors" which started with "Lord Havelock's List" and continued in the novella "Governess to Christmas Bride" which was first printed in the anthology "Gift Wrapped Governesses".

You may remember the Earl of Ashenden from both Governess to Christmas Bride, and Lord Havelock's List. He is one of the group of men who sat round in the club, discussing the attributes necessary in a wife, and drawing up the list that became Lord Havelock's template.

Lord Ashenden was very firm about his intention to find a wife who was intelligent.

"I would hate to think," he said, giving Havelock a particularly penetrating look, "that I had curtailed my own freedom, only to produce a brood of idiots."

Naturally, I am not going to allow him to find such a wife. Instead I am going to give him a heroine who will turn his ordered existence upside down!

Romantic Times has given this book a 4 star review.

"Burrows' Regency Bachelors series delivers another rich treat when the fourth titled nobleman meets his unexpected match in the form of his childhood companion. In addition to creating a sumptuous world, Burrows also tackles the subject of body image with humor and grace, and creates an endearing heroine who must learn to accept her glorious curves before she can find - and trust - love.

Edmund, Earl of Ashenden, has seen to it that his best friends conquer love - often times as a result of his scientific methods. But when it comes to Georgiana Wickford, all of his careful intelligence is no match for the way she turns his life upside down. But something has happened to change the once renowned firebrand, and Edmund will have to throw all his rulebooks away if he hopes to not only bring her back to life, but bring her into his forever."

tddp websyz

tddp websyz